Mountain Bike, hiking, trail running routes in Champagny-en-Vanoise


The itinerary is presented in kilometres and positive altitude difference in order to be adapted to your profile, whether you are a walker, runner or mountain biker. In brackets, the time is indicated for walkers of a classic level.

It should be noted that mountain bikers and electric bikers will only be able to ride in the Vanoise National Park as far as the Grand Plan chalets (which still offers beautiful panoramas).

  • From Champagny-le-bas
  • From Champagny-le-Haut
  • From le Laisonnay

Walks from the village of Champagny-en-Vanoise

Loop of the combes (1h walk)
3km – +307m


Loop of Le Chatelard (1h10)
3,5km – +290m


Loop of La Duy (1h40)
4,7km – +429m

On the slopes of Mont de la Guerre (2h)
6,7km – +479m


The Mont de la Guerre loop (3h35)
11km – +832m


Mont de la Guerre (3h19)
9.1km – +929m


Le Remou loop (1h25)
4,7km – +324m


Pointe de la Vélière (4h46)
16km – +13+1406m


Les chalets de Méribel loop (3h17)
10km – +1000m


La Tour du Merle (3h)
9,2km – +1000m


Loop to the glacier (recommended for mountain bikes or ATVs)
38km +2200m

Walks from Champagny-le-haut

Col de la Chiaupe loop (4h15)
13km – +1052


Refuge du plan des Gouilles (3h) (not recommended for mountain bikes)
7km – +887m


Lecheron loop (2h)
5,4km – +604m

Walks from Le Laisonnay

Refuge de Plaisance (2h15) (not recommended for mountain bikes)
6,1km – +619m


Refuge de la Glière (2h15)
8,4km – +440m


Lake of échines (3h46)
14km – +813m

Pass of la Grassaz/pass of  Le Palet loop (6h) (mountain biking not allowed)
23km – +1275m


La Vallaisonnay loop (6h30)
22,5km – +1455m

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