Hiking in Champagny-en-Vanoise

Randonnées été champagny en vanoise

Champagny-en-Vanoise is full of hiking itineraries. They will suit all tastes.

Champagny is first of all wooded hiking routes, starting from the village. There are many different types of circuits. You will find quite rolling itineraries, towards the Combes, the Ravière, the Châtelard or the Duy; more mixed itineraries towards the chalets of Méribel or the Tour du Merle; or others much steeper towards the Tougne and the pointe de la Vélière. The common point to all these itineraries: an incredible view on the surrounding massifs.

From Champagny-le-Haut the range of possibilities widens. At the beginning of the valley you can choose between the wooded north face which leads you to the refuge of the Plan des Gouilles, on the road to the Grand Bec glacier; or on the plane opposite, towards the tovet and the Roche de Mio, which is used in winter to access the glacier. In both cases, it is possible to descend via various routes to Champagny en Vanoise. Continuing down the valley you can reach the Lécheron mountain pasture where the cheeses sold below are made. At the end of the valley, at the Laisonnay, is the start of the Vanoise National Park. From here you can either go up to Plaisance, where you will walk along the Py waterfall via a steep face that will soften as you go down to the Plaisance refuge. This will allow you to go either to the summit of Bellecôte, or to the tip of Vallaisonnay or to the Plan Séry pass which will allow you to go back down to the Refuge d’entre Lacs or Rosuel. Still from the Laisonnay you can take the direction of the Glières refuge. You will then see dozens of marmots more or less shy. From the refuge you can continue above to admire the chapel of Glières or the old lake of the same name. Overlooking this magnificent cirque, the north face of the Grande Casse and its eponymous pass. Opposite, you can continue on a wide path that will take you past the mountain pastures and allow you to continue towards the Col de la Grassaz or the Col du Palet or both via a nice loop for those who have time.

Most of the routes are linked with others in neighbouring communes. It is thus possible to survey the crests of Mont Jovet from the Mont de la Guerre; to switch to Chambéranger from the Tour du Merle; to Tignes once at the Col du Palet, to Pralognan via the glacial Col de la Grande casse or finally to Peisey Nancroix from the Col de Plan Séry

With its enchanting landscapes, Champagny-en-Vanoise is a paradise for walkers of all ages and levels, there is something for everyone!

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